On this website you will find information on the subtle energy or "aura" of our planet Earth

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Classes in Earth Energy Dowsing

I have been teaching Earth Energy Dowsing Workshops for over 15 years in Ireland. I have also taught in Germany with the aid of a translator.  I can offer several classes - 

  • A Group Introduction to Earth Energy Dowsing, using L rods and traditional forked hazel sticks
  • Using a pendulum to obtain yes and no answers to questions
  • Earth Energy Dowsing at an Irish Sacred Site
  • Map Dowsing for Earth Energies and defining their qualities with a pendulum
  • Individual or group tuition
  • Using a pendulum to select Homeopathic and Flower Remedies

Please email me through the Contact Page if you would like me to teach for a group in Ireland or abroad. I also offer individual tuition in Co. Cork, Ireland