On this website you will find information on the subtle energy or "aura" of our planet Earth

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New Healing Energy

There has been a new manifestation of many large areas of deep red Earth Energies in recent years. This Energy is the energy which maintains Life and Health in plants, animals, trees, people, the land and the oceans. The presence of this new manifestation of Earth energy supports the restoration of local eco-systems, and the health and healing of people living there.

The painting of the Native American woman shows her in ceremony. She is able to energise her chakras. The deep red Earth Energy can be seen glowing from her base chakra. (Painting by Martin Law)

 I wish to share my research on this energy. Using map dowsing, I studied  maps of every continent (except Antartica) to record where there  are large areas of this new deep red Earth energy. I believe that this energy makes it possible to restore the ecological balance of the land in  these areas quite rapidly, using techniques such as re-forestation, counteracting pollution and restoring land to organic standards. Prayer can also assist this process.
You can order a map showing the location of this new energy in your area, or anywhere that you are interested in, on the Order Page of this  website, or you can email me via  the Contact Page, with details of your location, and I can reply to let you know if you are living within an area of the new energy.

Completed maps are displayed on the Gallery page