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About Earth Energies

The map of the British Isles below shows Britain's Earth Energy field. It shows two main systems. It shows straight lines. These are known as energy leys which flow straight over the surface of the land. The map also shows curving lines that are known as underground streams. They are streams and rivers of water which flow beneath the ground and send energy up to the surface or they may be seams of minerals. These two types of earth energy carry energy which supports life in animals, plants and people.

This map shows the largest Earth Energies that may be found in the British Isles. I made this map using a technique known as map dowsing.

The land itself is shaded green. There is a broad silver energy ley flowing westwards across the Atlantic. It covers an area from northern Scotland to the Wash in eastern England. It also flows over North Wales and two thirds of Ireland. It is a very spiritual energy. The large brown line which flows south-west across England and Wales covers a large number of ancient sites. It supports the fertility of the land. There is a key to the colours of Earth Energies below.

Dowsers, or diviners have several tools which enable them to follow energy leys, a mineral seam or a water flow in the ground, while walking across the land. They are dowsing in the field. I favour another technique called map dowsing which can locate Earth Energies using a pendulum over maps. This can be done at a distance from the area that is being investigated. It is my favourite method of dowsing because it can give an overview of an area such as a house, or much bigger areas, such as a town, landscape or country.

The skill of a healer is to re-balance the subtle energy or aura of a person who is experiencing disease. Healers and yogis know there are seven chakras down the mid-line of the human body which are like funnels at the front and back. The subtle energy that each person takes into their chakras comes from the subtle energy field of the Earth.

Earth energy maintains life and health in people, animals, plants, and ecosystems - including the oceans.

The colours that I dowse in Earth energy lines are similar to the colours in the human aura described by the healer Barbara Ann Brennan in her book Hands of Light. Earth energy lines carry subtle energy which provides people with life energy through the chakras. The colours that I dowse for in earth energy lines foster the function of these human characteristics -

  red sustaining physical manifestation and being grounded  
  orange well being, comfort, pleasure,sexuality  
  yellow memory, will, emotion  
  green love, healing, open heartedness  
  light blue  communication  
  dark blue creative imagination  
  lavender      spiritual awareness, meditation, spiritual healing  
  violet connection with spirit  
  silver spirit in matter, higher dimensional manifestation  
  pale pink angelic protection  
  deep pink unconditional love  
  brown life energy of plants, the soil, Nature and inspiration for craftspeople  
  gold connection with the Divine  
  black black is the colour of energy that does not flow easily. It is characterised by lack of vitality and stagnation. It does not support health.  

When lines have more than one colour, I draw these colours in parallel lines on maps. The colours are actually intermingled, but it is not possible to draw them like this.

When I am dowsing maps, I do not colour in black lines. I only mark black lines in pencil, with a black dash next to them on the corner of the map. Marking them in completely may encourage their persistence

Using this system I can define the characteristics of any earth energy ley or underground stream. There are usually a few colours in an energy ley, and only one in an underground stream.

The spectrum of subtle energy supports Life

In 2005, I became aware that a new kind of Earth energy had manifested. Instead of being lines of energy, it was a general field of energy, covering very large areas of land, and also present in a few parts of the oceans. The energy is red, and has the same quality as it would in a red energy line - it maintains the Life Force which animates all living things. However, this energy is not linear, it forms a very large field of energy in regions in all of the continents. The energy supports re-planting forests with native trees, bringing farmland back to organic status, clearing pollution of the land, rivers and seas and restoring the health of communities. This cannot happen spontaneously, it needs local communities to make an effort towards these goals.

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