On this website you will find information on the subtle energy or "aura" of our planet Earth

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When regional maps are ordered, they are created and sent by email or post to the client. The map is then displayed in this gallery. My maps are copy-left, in the public domain, to be shared with others. Each regional map is hand-drawn from the results of my survey of the Earth. A map can take a day to create accurately. The buyer will receive some additional information with their map.

Click on a map image to see a much larger version.  You may download any of the large maps freely, however please do not link to them (you might not get quite what you expected)



Leinster/Connaught, Ireland

Munster, Ireland

Central Southern England
Rome, Italy

Portugal & Spain

The Americas

The Dominican Republic

S.Dakota, USA

Texas, USA

Vancouver, Canada

Lake Erie Area

New England, USA

SE Canada

Southern Arizona

The Carolinas & Georgia


Central Japan

Beijing, China






Sydney Area