On this website you will find information on the subtle energy or "aura" of our planet Earth

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The British Society of Dowsers www.britishdowsers.org
Irish Society of Diviners www.irishdiviners.com
Linnea Hadaway www.linneahadaway.com/eartheal.html
Spirtual Dowsing & the Blessing Process with Joey Korn www.dowsers.com
Pucheen.com is a collective based in Leitrim, dedicated to promoting low-impact sustainable living, permaculture, local music, arts, crafts, diy culture and homegrown talent. www.pucheen.com
Holisto Ireland's directory of holistic therapists www.holisto.com
Tara Celebrations is a web resource celebrating ritual meditations at sacred sites and associated activities www.taracelebrations.org
Geomantica is the website of Alanna Moore, professional diviner and geomancer. www.geomantica.com
Permacultureireland.ie A regular, online permaculture magazine from practising permaculturalists Alanna Moore and Peter Cowman. www.permacultureireland.ie/
RILKO, the Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation is a charitable educational trust whose members study hidden knowledge in myth, legend, number geometry, art, music, architectural proportion, megalithic structures and the geomantic layout of cities and landscape. www.rilko.net