On this website you will find information on the subtle energy or "aura" of our planet Earth

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About Map Dowsing and making a map dowsing survey for you

I specialise in Map Dowsing for Earth Energies. This technique involves working with a pendulum over an extract of a printed map, or a reasonably accurate sketch map. I follow and record the movement of the pendulum to follow the paths of Earth Energy in the location that the map represents - the energy leys which are straight, and the underground streams which are curving.

The map below shows the result of map dowsing an A4 map of two to three acres of land in rural Ireland. This map took several hours to create. There are many underground streams which cross over where there is a large spring.

There are also five energy leys crossing at the spring near the middle of the map. I use the colours known in the human chakra system, and a few more to dowse and define the quality of each underground stream and energy ley.

I can map dowse your land and provide a written report .

If you wish to have your land or house surveyed for energy leys and underground streams, please send a message to me through the Order Page of this website.

I will send you an email document with a detailed explanation of my technique.

If you wish to order an Earth Energy survey after reading the document, you can contact me by replying to my email.

When you order, you will need to send

  • an A4 size image file of a map of your land,
  • or an A4 size image file of a plan of your house,
  • or an A4 scan of a reasonably accurate sketch map on paper.

Please send your map or plan to me as an image file attachment by email, or on paper by post. (The map will not be shared with anybody.)

I will send you an estimate of my fee, based on the complexity of the map. I will expect you to email me again, to let me know if you decide to order a survey or not.